Bankers` Long Game


Consolidation and cartel building is the long term strategy of the Big Banks and it seems to go on without much alarm.  This is partly because of their patience and partly because other players are distracted by other things; technology, risk management, new capital rules, new liquidity monitoring tools,  mortgage insurance changes, etc..  But these […]

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Privatizing Credit Unions Incrementally

A headline in Enterprise Magazine provoked me.  The text talked about ‘… collectivizing Canada’s provincial centrals and CUSO’s’ when it was introducing an article on the restructuring and streamlining of second tier entities.  In fact the reverse is true.  In our quest for greater efficiencies (and scale), control is being concentrated in fewer and fewer […]

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What is Full and Fair?

FICOM is seeking input on the application from Coast Capital Savings to go federal.  One question posed by FICOM is, “Have members been provided with full and fair disclosure upon which to make their decision?”  Members of Coast Capital were asked to vote on a special resolution in November. “Full and fair” is not a […]

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