Director Training Trap

Central 1 is now canvasing credit unions on what the ‘mandatory’ director training program should look like.  The survey is well thought out and to be welcomed, but the implications and the potential conflicts of interests need to be considered.  The current one year Credit Union Director Achievement (CUDA) program will be expanded into a […]

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Watch out if you use the word ‘bank’.  On June 30th the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (“OSFI”) issued an advisory that re-asserted that the use of the words bank, banker, and banking are restricted under The Bank Act.  OSFI expressed displeasure at the expanded use of the words by non-banks and they […]

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Bankers` Long Game


Consolidation and cartel building is the long term strategy of the Big Banks and it seems to go on without much alarm.  This is partly because of their patience and partly because other players are distracted by other things; technology, risk management, new capital rules, new liquidity monitoring tools,  mortgage insurance changes, etc..  But these […]

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